Nomadсar is a new car-rental service, created by its owner of Russian origin, Kirill Podolsky. Being the founder of a popular air ticket company Anywayanyday he realises how much time a common business traveller spends at car-rental cornets, doing the papers. This is completely inconvenient and silly to waste hours on something you may do easily online in our era of cheap and available Internet. The summary of these factors inspired Mr Podolsky to start his Nomadсar in Europe.

No paper work

First of all Nomadсar is going to fight all paper work, which kills much time. This service offers its clients to send scans of passport and driving licence online by loading them to a special app. Then the company develops a contract, which a client may sign online too. The law allows digital documentary and there is no need in physic papers any more.

Service on-demand

Nomadсar provides simple access to its service. Just download the app from AppStore or Google Play and you are on board. This app is the only necessary mediator, participating in all procedures. It allows a client to upload docs, to sign the contract, to choose a car, to pick it up and to return it, and to get charged. This Nomadсar app has a web-site version as well. Personal accounts keep all info about rent, insurance, petrol and fines.

Premium class cars

As far as the target auditory of Nomadсar is business people, its car park consists of luxury cars. Their price varies from 60 to 200 000 €. Podolsky makes a special accent on the possibility to get not an abstract premium car at your disposal, but to pick a particular car of a particular brand, color and with a clear detailed specification. Presently a client may choose between five brands - Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Audi and Tesla. Rental prices start from 460 € per day. All cars are equipped with GPS and Wi-Fi.

Valet parking

No searching for a rental car any more. A concierge of Nomadсar will meet a client and deliver his rented car to any place. A client communicates with this person as an individual assistant.

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